Saturday, August 27, 2005

What is it with the Niggers?

I was out at the Club last night with my friends Planteen, Earcele, Aquanetta, and La Tasha just kickin' it and having a few beers.

Nothing serious. Light and easy. You know how it is after a busy week laying up watching Springer, reruns of Moeesha, and the Fresh Prince, well a girl's just got to get out and shake her money maker and say "hey girl."

Well, about 6 brothers came in and started hastlin' us. Talkin' bout "baby, wanna' come home with me and shit like that." I just wanted to hang out and go home. So I turned all of them down cold.

Well, they started fightin' and carryin' on something awful. I had to sneak my fat ass out the back door and into a cab home.

I guess whenever you get more than 2 niggers together in the same place, it's a riot in the making. Especially when there are beautiful girls like me around to make em' horny.