Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Reviews Are In - Marni as Celine Rocks!

I debuted my new drag act Saturday and I was a sensation! Somehow, I crammed all 385lbs. of my pig fat self into a beautiful, red sequined gown, donned a wig and trooper that I am, walked out to Lipsinka all of Celine Dion's hits!

I was even better than Celine! FUCK the real Celine! I sang everything:

Because You Love Me

Dreamin of You
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
The Power of Love

And I blew the roof off the joint with:

My Heart Will Go On

I couldn't resist a few show tunes -- a girl just can't help it you know.

Best of all, I got $30 in tips and dragged home a new Mexican boyfriend who plowed my boypussy until I screamed!

Take THAT Celine! Pictures should be up later this week!