Friday, August 26, 2005

I've Always Been a Liar

It's true.

I was thinking about it and I've always had trouble telling the truth. I guess it started as a child and my lying to my mother. Later, I lied to teachers and friends.

I'm a cheater too, but that's a whole other thread I'll cover later.

Now, as an adult, I lie on the blog. I roam around impersonating otheres. It's not difficult because I am a female impersonator and I'm a sneak and a snake and a pig too.

I guess you could say I suffer from impulse control issues. I'm also a cum addict -- can't get enough.

My IP addresses keep getting banned and I've failed to contribute anything meaningful to the blogosphere. My reputation is well established now as a troublemaker and a liar.

Should I blow my brains out or just eat a 3lbs. bag of BBQ popato chips and wallow in my sorrow or both?

To the world, I say F UC K Y O U!